Vega shoe is a vegan footwear label that caters to a versatile group of socially aware people who admire the natural resources and wish to play a bit of their role in saving our environment. Being a vegan label, we follow the minimal approach from our core during every step of manufacturing the cruelty-free footwear for you. Utilizing GOTS Certified and PETA approved vegan raw material, every activity involved in its designing, manufacturing, and disposal is carefully done ensuring no animals are used in any form during the production of our range of eco-friendly footwear. 

Vega shoe came into existence witnessing the need for sustainable shoes in the Indian Market. As the footwear industry is far from being a sustainable industry, the idea of the vegan footwear market began to bud. This idea started taking a firm shape with every passing day. Intending to spread awareness about your purchased pair of shoes, Vega shoe is playing its desired roleā€¦. Every year, the global leather industry slaughters more than a billion animals. Do you know why..? To make a pair of leather shoes for you!

We urge every one of you to join us on our mission to be responsible for the products we purchase! And opt for cruelty-free vegan footwear.